Cycling has been shown to have both health and environmental benefits. As an exercise, it improves physical and mental health, but also serves as an active transportation alternative for short trips, reduces car dependency and, therefore, lowers carbon emissions. 


Cycle York

Cycle York is a cycling advocacy and social group running under Regenesis York that works towards advocating for cyclists' needs and services at both the Keele and Glendon campuses. We run cycling-related events such as bike rides, free bike clinics, and provide cycling education.

Our mission is to support a growing cycling community and further promote this form of green transportation in York University, University Heights, Jane-Finch, Westminster-Branson and Downsview communities. The Centre provides free cycling education, low-cost bike rentals, and DIY bike repair and expert mechanic services.

Hosted at: York University (Keele Campus)

95 The Pond Rd, Toronto, ON M3J 0L1

Sponsored by: YUFA, MEC, Ontario Trillium Foundation, and Metcalf Foundation