Equitable access to healthy, local and organic food is crucial to achieving sustainability. Regenesis supports diverse and equitable food access and sustainable food production through our programs and initiatives which include, farmers’ markets, community gardens and agriculture, food centres meal programs, research and workshops.


YUM Market

Through our YUM Market we provide access to a diverse selection of fresh & healthy, locally-grown, locally-made or locally-sourced, fairly-traded, natural and organic foods & products using a model that creates the least environmental impact, and reflects the diversity and values of the community.

Hosted at: York University - Keele

Glendon Market

Glendon Market

Glendon Markets is a community market that sell high quality, culturally appropriate, affordable vegetables and fruits. This market bring healthy produce to neighbourhoods where it might not otherwise be available, and where farmers’ markets aren’t viable because sales are too low to cover farmers’ costs. This program is collaboration with FoodShare Toronto.

Hosted at: York University - Glendon

Youth Food Centre

The Youth Food Centre is a community centre gathered around food-growing, harvesting, cooking, eating, education and advocacy. We seek to empower young people with essential food skills and provide an affordable food source for young people struggling financially because of the high cost of rent and tuition.

Hosted at: University of Toronto - St George

bee polinating a flower

UTSC Pollinator Garden

Regenesis UTSC, in partnership with Culinaria and the UTSC Farm, have created a pollinator garden to support the growth of locally grown produce.

Hosted at: University of Toronto - Scarborough

dig in! logo

DigIn! U of T Campus Agriculture

The Dig In! Campus Agriculture Network supports, empower and grow small-scale, sustainable food production at the University of Toronto. We represent a network of autonomous urban agriculture projects, rooted in particular colleges, campus organizations, and academic departments. We also maintain our own series of demonstrative food gardens and provide programming related to urban agriculture and food issues.

Hosted at: University of Of Toronto - St George

Seed library

Seed Library

The Seed Library provides free and easy access to viable seeds to encourage as many people as possible to grow their own organic food and to save seeds through awareness and education. People plant the seeds in their gardens, raise the plant, let an appropriate amount go to seed and bring some of those mature seeds back to the library so that the collection continues to grow. Seed libraries reconnect us to the natural world, increase awareness and respect for seed farming, and where our food comes from.
Hosted at: York - Keele, Glendon, UofT and Scarborough