Get Involved

Regenesis offers a flexible range of opportunities to make an impact, we encourage you to consider a volunteer position or opportunity based on your availability, skills, experience and interests. By contributing your time, investing your money or donating your materials, you are ultimately helping us to improve sustainability within our communities and providing people within these communities with valuable life services.

Regenesis Volunteers

Volunteer your time

Getting involved with Regenesis means getting a chance to tackle real sustainability issues. By working with us on campus and applying your skills, you’ll gain valuable knowledge and work experience in areas such as operations, event management, communications, fundraising, design and more.


More opportunities

Create employment opportunities for your students 

Interested in employment opportunities for students? We offer co-op placements, research and experiential education opportunities in partnership with academic faculties at all our chapters.

Start your own chapter

Regenesis is a proven partner for universities aiming to improve the sustainability of their campus and quality of life services for students. Interested in starting your own chapter, hosting a talk or workshop?

Cash donations

Are you or your business limited in time but still interested in making an impact? Cash donations are more than welcome!

Material Donations

Do you or your business have useful material donations? Regenesis accepts material donations depending on our operational needs, contact us to see if you’ve got what we’re looking for!

Become a YUMarket Vendor

YUMarket is a weekly indoor market organized by York’s local chapter of Regenesis. YUMarket helps provide access to a diverse selection of fresh, local, ethical and organic foods & products to the community. Learn more


Are you a an alumni and/or a professional passionate about sustainability and social justice? Are you interested in the opportunity to work towards lasting environmental change and inspire and mentor students?


Looking for more ways to make an impact?

Get in touch with us so we can figure out how to best align your availability, skills, experience and interests with our available opportunities.