We're Hiring

We have a paid Summer Bike Mechanic position available! If you have experience repairing bikes and are a current YorkU student, please apply through the Career Centre's website.

Search "Regenesis - Bike Mechanic" on careers.yorku.ca


This month, students will be donating their items at resident's move-out. We are looking for volunteers to help us pick up these items for the Free Store.

Dates and Times:

Thursday, April 13, 10:30 - 4:30 pm

Monday, April 17, 10:30 - 4:30 pm

Thursday, April 20, 10:30 - 4:30 pm

Monday, April 24, 10:30 - 4:30 pm

On-going Volunteering Opportunities

We're looking for people interested in gaining professional experience in communications, marketing, writing, business development & research. Contact us for more details!


Here is a review of our events this term

Valentines Day Market

The first highlight of the winter season was our Valentines Day Market. Lots of people came by for some delicious treats, jewelry, and crafts. Visitors also got to try some free smoothies that they got to make on a bike blender!

A Right To Eat Screening

We hosted a movie screening with OPIRG York and Cinema Politica. The film showcased the issue of food scarcity and the ways in which a community in northern Manitoba is working to get access to healthy, affordable food. Following the screening, a lively panel discussion with Fateha Hussein and Deidre Walton helped connect the issues to the GTA and encouraged the audience to get active locally and individually.

Bike Clinic

The bike clinic was the first event of sustainability week and brought out the first riders of the spring to get their bikes fixed up. We stationed the clinic by one of the bike tool stations on campus. These clinics will be continuing throughout the summer with accompanying group rides!

Sustainability Week

Sustainability week was a great success, with several exciting workshops and events. We also held special editions of the Free Store and YUM! and had a moving art gallery following the action around all week.

Starting From Scraps

At this event students got their hands dirty learning how to start their own vegetable gardens from their vegetable scraps. They were able to take home their creations as well as reduce kitchen waste.

Lantern Walk

We hosted two lantern walks at Glendon and Keele campus. We used lanterns that we repurposed from pop-cans and took an educational tour around the campuses

Free Store Pop-Up

Our Free Store pop-up was a great success. We were able to attract new people to our service at the heart of the university, and got a ton of donations from our community as well.

Moving Art Gallery

(From right to left) Renée Moulelis, Malina Sintnicolaas, Scott Lillico, Evelyn Tsai, Miguel Hemmings, Renée Moulelis

Volunteer Social

We had a blast playing games with good company at our March Social with our volunteers! Many thanks go towards everyone who's been spending their free time with us this term! All our events were such a success because of YOU.


Kyla Murty

YUM! Volunteer

What do you do and what’s your major?

I volunteer at YUM! every Thursday and I major in Criminology, with a minor in Women’s Studies

What is YUM! ?

We have different vendors come in who offer a diversity of services. We have food, pastries, soaps, and beauty products. We started the Good Food table this term where we have FoodShare deliver different organic and local fruits and vegetables.

Why did you choose to volunteer with us?

I started volunteering because I’ve lived at different campuses, and with York being such a commuter school and living on campus, there aren’t a lot of good food options. I saw YUM! as a healthy alternative, and especially being vegetarian there aren’t a lot of options for me personally so being a part of something that gives people good food is totally awesome.

If you had $10 to spend at YUM! what would you buy?

I’d get some gluten-free vegan brownies from Molly Bee’s, some fruits and vegetables at the Good Food table and a meal from Fresco.

What do you do in your free time?

I like to go downtown to find new restaurants. I recently went to this amazing restaurant called Doomie’s at Queen West. It’s vegan comfort food and so I got a "pulled pork" sandwich and deep-fried avocado. They also have a vegan Big Mac there!

What are your tips for those completing exams?

Move at your own pace. Time management is the biggest key. Whether it's a flow chart or a planner, make sure you know what’s coming up, plan your time accordingly, and you should be fine.