Shadiya is a graduate of the Environmental Studies program at York University. During her undergrad at York University she held a seat on the university's Board of Governors, as well as the student representative round table, where she was able to raise the voice of students. She joined Regenesis in 2013 as a student wanting to make sustainable change viable in her community.She is a spoken word artist & activist, and she has extensive experience within the arts and political activist communities in Toronto and celebrates and fights for social justice issues revolving sustainability, Islamophobia, immigration and Indigenous rights. She is currently a member of the Access to Clean Water team, a coalition that aims to bring awareness about the lack of clean water in Canada’s First Nations communities.




Janelle is a community organizer and activist who looks at dismantling systemic oppression and racism of Black and racialized communities.Janelle is currently a PhD student at the University of Toronto, completing a doctoral degree in Social Justice Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE). Her work looks at Black mothering in the Ontario education system through a Black feminist theoretical framework. At OISE, Janelle is currently a co-coordinator of the Centre for Integrative Anti-Racism Studies. She established Community Forward, a not-for-profit organization which has created mentorship opportunities for youth who are labelled as ‘marginalized’.  Janelle is the founder of the Downsview Advocate and is currently the Vice President of the Ontario NDP.




Introduced to Regenesis through the York Affordable Housing Committee, Kiki instantly fell in love with the numerous initiatives and events that the organization was responsible for. Currently, she is in pursuit of two degrees in accounting and criminology with a career focus in forensic accounting and fraud investigation at York. Her work experience includes a variety of positions in multiple financial institutions. Growing up in the small island of Bermuda, her love for the environment and social justice is deeply rooted and comes from her love of a community space. Some of her hobbies include; soccer (huge fan), playing and listening to music, astronomy, reading and watching everything.




Madison is the Executive Director of the Green Campus Co-operatives. Her and the GCC team help to develop small enterprises that are designed to address particular commodity market problems using Fairtrade and Organic value chains and co-operative values. She is a board member of Fairtrade Canada and a recent graduate of business and the environment at York University. She is particularly interested in advancing sustainable products through procurement standards and policies on campuses, in workplaces and in cities across Canada.




Sakinah Hasib is a 28 year old Afro-Trinidadian, Native American, multi-ethnic Muslim woman, born and raised on Turtle Island. She is an artist who uses her writing and voice to speak up for truth and justice. Currently she supports others as a Mental Health Worker, a Gender-based Violence Educator, as well as an Arts Educator. Journeying towards her role as a healer and educator she centers her learning around holistic health and wellness, traumatic transformation, mental health, spiritual awakening, disability justice, social justice, and anti-oppression. She continues to focus on grounding herself within personal therapeutic practices. 


Alicia has an Honours Major/Minor BA in Political Science and Psychology from York University. She is now in her final year of study in the joint Juris Doctor and Masters in Environmental Studies (JD/MES) program at Osgoode Hall Law School and York University. Alicia has a unique combination of experience in environmental research, poverty alleviation research and human rights law. Alicia discovered Regenesis during her undergraduate studies and found that the organization’s focus on environmentalism and social justice aligned closely with her own interests. She was elected to serve as Regenesis’ VP Secretary during the 2013-2014 academic year. Alicia has since been invited to join the Affordable Housing Committee, which was initiated by Regenesis, and has served on that committee since March of 2016. Alicia is pursuing a career practising law and is most interested in environmental law with an emphasis on climate change mitigation (which is the focus of her Masters degree in Environmental Studies) - including issues of environmental and climate justice, Indigenous rights, and human rights. During several years of her undergraduate degree and during the summer after her first year in law school, Alicia worked as a Research Assistant with the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness where she focused on Indigenous and youth homelessness. She also went on to be a Graduate Assistant for Dr. Christina Hoicka of York University’s Faculty of Environmental Studies during her first year of study in the MES program where she worked on a research project titled “Sustainable Energy Transitions: Linking Proenvironmental Behaviour to System Innovation" which is aimed at climate change mitigation. This experience and Dr. Hoicka’s guidance inspired her MES major paper topic which is focused on exploring ownership models of Indigenous clean energy projects in Canada. During her second year of study in Osgoode’s JD program, Alicia did a full-time placement at the Human Rights Legal Support Centre, a human rights legal clinic serving all of Ontario, where she worked in the Centre’s Indigenous Services department and was a member of their Indigenous Services Outreach Committee in addition to working on the Centre’s mainstream files. Alicia was hired on at the Centre for the subsequent summer. Most recently, Alicia applied for and was offered a seat on the Enable York Committee at York University, which works out of the university’s Centre for Human Rights and functions in an advisory capacity to the Presidential Advisory Committee on Human Rights on issues of accessibility.