We hosted a movie screening with OPIRG York and Cinema Politica. The film showcased the issue of food scarcity and the ways in which a community in northern Manitoba is working to get access to healthy, affordable food. Following the screening, a lively panel discussion with Fateha Hussein and Deidre Walton helped connect the issues to the GTA and encouraged the audience to get active locally and individually.

Meet the Panelists

Fateha Hussein

She is an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) pursuing a Bachelors of Arts degree studying International Development, History and Food Studies. She joined the Toronto Youth Food Policy Council to help strengthen the relationships between the Council and various food organizations to facilitate the great food justice work being done in Toronto. Previously, Fateha has worked on an ethical culinary tourism project called Scarborough A Little Taste (SALT), which seeks to explore the cultures, histories, and dishes that make them up some of Scarborough’s most prominent cuisines. Currently, she is working with 1LoveMalvern and the Culinaria Research Centre at UTSC to support their community development project support local residents starting their own food businesses. In her spare time, she loves sharing meals with friends, talking walks, and laughing at bad jokes.

Deidre Walton

Deidre D-Lishus Walton. She makes her way as a professional artist, activist and budding academic, agitating in the Southern Ontario/GTA region. Her life's work focuses on advocating for rights and access for women and queer folks of colour, with a particular interest in how hegemonic systems and spaces impact on our capacity to create and maintain mental and spiritual health. Her research has focused on how black women heal from the traumatic effects of racism and patriarchy. Deidre is exploring farming as a reclamation and extension of African Indigenous practice.

Missed the screening? Here is a preview for "A Right to Eat."