Access to sustainable, local, affordable, and healthy food, which retains its rich cultural history, is crucial in maintaining optimum food security for all communities. However, dominating colonial narratives are still strictly narrowing the way we think about sourcing, growing, and eating food. This collaborative event by community garden, Community Kitchen, and NishDish, will introduce participants to urban agriculture, First Nations food sovereignty, food justice, and the many intersections between these movements. We will focusing on the voices and experiences of Indigenous peoples in our conversations about food security and sustainability.

Join Community Kitchen, Dig In! Campus Agriculture, and Regenesis UofT for an evening of garden harvests, cooking, eating, and storytelling. You will be able to take some fresh produce home!

Chef Johl from NishDish will be joining us as our cooking mentor for the evening. He will also be discussing First Nations food sovereignty and his Three Sisters garden, which is associated with the Urban Farm at Ashbridge Estates.

Alfredo Correa has a background in agriculture (agronomist) from his home country of Colombia. He facilitates workshops teaching newcomers how to grow food in an urban setting and how to properly harvest.  

Date: Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018
Time: 5:00 pm - 8:30pm
Location: Campus Co-Operative Residence 596 Spadina Ave.
Cost: Free 

Please note that registration is required. Please wear closed toe shoes and bring something to tie hair back with if it is long. Bring empty containers so you can take any extra food home!

Accessible information: unfortunately the kitchen space is not accessible, yet there will be an accessible space for basic food preparation, eating and discussion based on request.

University of Toronto Community Kitchen is coordinated and sponsored collaboratively by Health and Wellness Centre, Centre for Community Partnership and Hart House. 

NishDish is a business built on traditional Anishnawbe (Nish) food. Over the last twelve years NishDish has grown as a catering business and is now operating a new storefront marketeria. 

Dig In! Campus Agriculture is an on-campus group dedicated to supporting, empowering, and growing small-scale, sustainable food gardens at the University of Toronto. 

Regenesis is a student-led, community environmental and social justice organization that has been empowering students as agents of change at university campuses since 2007.