The quality of student life on our campus is at risk.

Your opportunity to engage in meaningful experiences, gain skills and receive personal support is key to your success. But many of the important organizations, services and activities that provide this and help make our campus vibrant and sustainable, are now considered "non-essential" by a new provincial mandate. From Aug 15th - Sept 18th, we'll have a choice. It's up to us to make the right one.

What is the Student Choice Initiative?

The Student Choice Initiative (SCI) is the provincial mandate deciding what student fees are "essential" and "non-essential" when we pay our tuition this fall. It will give students the option to choose which supplementary fees they will pay through an opt-out process. However, these Non-essential supplementary fees are essential for supporting student-run programs and services that directly benefit students by enhancing campus life, and providing valuable academic, professional and life experience.

Why you should opt-in

By opting in to Regenesis you’ll help support us in empowering students to create and manage environmental initiatives and programming that provide free or low-cost services to the local community and employment opportunities for students, all the while, making our communities, cities, and planet more sustainable.

York initiatives at stake:


Check out more of of our initiatives here.

By opting in to Regenesis you’ll be supporting important initiatives that help students create and manage a variety of services and activities that help make campus life more vibrant and sustainable. To learn more about the student choice initiative and the opt-out process at York by visit: